These high precision lights are designed to help pl ants grow indoors, allowing for urban farming and increased w orldwide food production. Additionally, our LED grow lights provide energy savings through the reduction of electrical consumption, in comparison to other types of grow lights. Furthe rmore, our LED grow lights are compatible with universal AC po wer and TRIAC dimmer.



This light has been especially designed to help plants grow indoors. A great solution for both small scale urban farming as well as professional greenhouse environments, the LED Plant Growing Lights consists of supplementary red chips and provides exactly the right amount of light and brightness.  Compared to other types of grow lights, The LED Grow Light IV saves energy, saving money while sustaining a health environment.


    • Four to ten 4 foot LED light bars form one unit - allowing for easy adjustment and optimization to maximize light emission/coverage;
    • On a typical 5 bar configuration, the user can expect PPFD readings of 900-1200 for over half the unit at a 12" mounting height;
    • End brackets are adjustable, allowing for optimal light emission;
    • The LED grow light IV 5 bar grow light uses 840W to give top of the line PAR     Readings;
    • Included in the LED grow light IV grow light kit: 5 LED fixtures (48’ by 3’ bars) and a set of hanging system
    • Each 1 bar unit uses 96 Cree LED chips – 80 white chips, 16 red chips.  

General Information


Luminaires Standard

LED Grow Light IV

Life Span



6063-T5 aluminum alloy


Light Characteristics



135 lm/W

Beam Angle

120 Degrees

CCT (Composite )

4600K (Full Spectrum)

Total Flux

24300 Lumen

Color Rending Index


Per 1 Bar/Light

96 Cree 3 Watt LED chips

Calculated Expected Life Span

100,000+ Hours

LED Expected Output After 50,000 Hrs

> 90%


Electrical Characteristics



180 Watts

Operating Voltage

90-305 VAC 50/60 Hz

Typical Current:

0.708A @240V 1.417A @120V

Power Factor


Operating temperature:

-30 +45 C

Storage temperature

-40 + 65 C

Holding Power

170W per bar x 6 bars =1020W


Driver Type


Custom Built Constant Current Mode



1-10V PWM

Number of drivers


Max power per driver

200 Watts


Product Dimensions


Lamp Length

1231mm (48 inches)

Lamp Width

90mm (3 inches)

Lamp Height

159mm (5.91 inches)

Lamp Body Length





Pieces Per Pack


Net Weight Per Piece


Box Dimension

1860x280x200 mm




Operating Temp.

-40(min), 45(max)C


-40(min), 45(max)C

IP and Water Resistance

IP 65 Damp and Moisture Protection